The Metropolitan Exchange (MEx) is a cooperative of creative professionals located in Downtown Brooklyn. We share clean, affordable office space that includes large common areas. We also sponsor a variety of public events and maintain a large library of books, DVDs, and periodicals about architecture and urban planning.

We often invite practitioners and scholars to present works to members of the public, and to our peers. We also sponsor occasional screenings and parties. If you would like to be included in our mailing list announcing upcoming events, please sign up on our contact page.

MEx is:

Former MEx Members:

Brian Ackerly, Zachary Aders, Maria Ailova, Jordan Alport, Lee Altman, Amid Amidi, Rebecca Beyer, Sylvie Blondeau, Sawad Brooks, Heidi Bullinga, Severn Clay, Dan Compitello, Martina Decker, Tabitha Decker, Dan Federman, Jeff Federman, David Frisco, Mara Gladstone, Michael Haggerty, Anthony Harrington, Heidi Hausermann, Mitchell Joachim, Lydia Kallipoliti, Natalya Kashper, Lisa Klapstock, Michael Kubo, Jonathan Man, James Patten, Michael Piper, Barak Pliskin, Hiroko Takeda, Meredith TenHoor, Juliette Spertus, Cate Springer, Aurel von Richthofen, Andrew Yakovlev