Talk at MEx: HOUSING PLUS with Verena von Beckerath and Tim Heide

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Please join us  on Tuesday, March 18, 2014 at 7pm at the Metropolitan Exhcange for a talk by Berlin-based architects Verena von Beckerath and Tim Heide. Tim and Verena will discuss their recent projects for multi-family housing in Berlin and the frequently used model of “Baugruppen” – collectives formed to develop housing without a developer.
STUDIO_AA_DSC1778_webImage: Studio at FLOTTWELL ZWEI, photo: Andrew Alberts

Tim Heide and Verena von Beckerath, of Berlin-based firm HEIDE & VON BECKERATH are concerned with space as a challenge for projects in different fields and scales. The design process leads to an ongoing research involving architecture and society, sustainability, and technology. Applying both conceptual and rational thinking, projects are informed by structural and formal clarity. Their work covers urban design, architectural projects, interior design, and conceptual studies. In treating every project in its formal, cultural, and intellectual dimensions as a whole, the studio collaborates with other architects and specialists where appropriate. Their work is widely and internationally exhibited and published and has received numerous prestigious awards.


March 18, 2014 at 7pm

at the Metropolitan Exchange

33 Flatbush Avenue, Brooklyn,

6th Floor


Growing Things In NYC


The Color Machine

The Color Machine

Just before the holidays, MEx members The Color Machine were honored to make a couple of short films for The Rockefeller Foundation. One film featured Bette Midler’s environmental work in New York City. She does some amazing things.

The other film looks at Ian Marvy, a pioneer in using urban agriculture to develop social programs for young people. Inspiring folks.


The Color Machine

The Color Machine


MAS & The Color Machine, a Livability “Love Letter”


The Color Machine were recently commissioned by The Municipal Art Society to create a short film that would express MAS’s unique view of NYC and their essential role there. The film was first shown in Grand Central’s Vanderbilt Hall as a part of the MAS Gala in June and is gaining wide release in anticipation of their upcoming MAS Summit in October. You can view the film and read more about it at The Color Machine.

Cartographies of Squatter Settlements in Buenos Aires


Wednesday, June 5, 2013 @ 7pm

“Cartographies of squatter settlements”
Notes about stigmatization and diversity in Buenos Aires

a presentation by Pablo Vitale

About the Presentation
The development of social relations can be witnessed by anyone who walks around Buenos Aires. But they are rendered invisible in the city’s maps – both current and historic – where the areas occupied by squatter settlements and shanty towns are shown as gray zones or fake green spaces. Divested of their residential and commercial functions, they appear as vacant areas although they have been inhabited for decades. Within this context, Pablo Vitale will share his current experiences of architectural and mapping workshops that have been developed in one of the oldest informal settlements of Buenos Aires, known as Villa 31. Created with groups of young residents, these maps of Villa 31 are destined to fill the void found in the official maps of Buenos Aires.

About the Presenter
Pablo Vitale has been a coordinator of non-formal education and photography programs for youth in Villa 31 since 1999 and is a member of Ojo de Pez ( He is currently a post-graduate scholar in Social Sciences at the Universidad de Buenos Aires and fellow at Consejo Nacional de Investigaciones Científicas y Técnicas (CONICET) in the Area of Urban Studies of the Gino Germani Research Institute.

This event is free. No RSVP required.